Template Instagram Feed Puzzle – Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle – Let us introduce you to the Instagram Puzzle Feed. If you want to step up your Instagram game then maybe it’s time to create a gorgeous, curated Instagram feed. We show you how in this post (and yes, we have free templates for you).

The Puzzle Feed lets you place each and every image so that it it interacts with the images posted around it – in a grid! If you’re like us

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

(we hear ya!) – you’ll love the results when you see this puzzle-feed layout.


It looks complicated but it’s not – not when you have our stunning Easil Puzzle Feed templates to work with. You’re most likely thinking that this will require a professional graphic designer, or at the very least, basic Adobe Photoshop skills, right?

We’re on a mission to make this easy for everyone! So, we’ve included the templates and everything you need to create a gorgeous curated puzzle grid in this post. You’ll find the following below:

Step-by-step instructions for creating a stand-out Instagram Puzzle Feed using this fun technique.

5 Free Puzzle Feed Templates for you to get started with. Our awesome design crew have created stunning templates so you can drag-and-drop your way to awesomeness.

Tips for how to get the most out of your Puzzle Feed – and how to create and share your new stunning Instagram posts quickly and easily.

The beauty of the Puzzle Feed doesn’t just lie in the way that it’s put together

Your followers will start to follow your feed not just for the gorgeous images themselves, but for the layout and the way it fits together like a puzzle. In fact, they’re more likely to click through with curiosity to see how your puzzle feed looks as a cohesive layout. There’s less incentive for them to do this for single images on the feed.

Sign up for a Easil Account. We’ll gift you a 30 day upgrade to our Plus plan to get started too (no credit card required).

Once you’re logged in, click on the Puzzle Feed Template of your choice below (direct from this post). It will open up in Easil.

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

Follow the instructions and tips in our post below to edit the Puzzle Feed Template to reflect your own style and brand. You can do this by swapping out images/icons, colors and text.

Publish your Instagram Puzzle Feed and then use an image splitter tool to divide up the images read to schedule, one-by-one in the correct order. We walk you through the steps, below.

Instagram Puzzle Feed Template Canva Instagram Templates 754536

Pop your final set of images into an Instagram schedulerlikeAgorapulse, and share them to Instagram. Prepare to Wow!

There are a few steps, but believe us when we say that this is way quicker than doing images one-by-one. You’ll be scheduled ahead …. and can breathe easy!

It’s important that you take a little time to plan your ‘Gram Puzzle Feed first before diving into the images. It’s not

the images. A little strategy at the beginning sets you up for a stunning and cohesive Instagram Puzzle Feed.

If you have a well-loved, go-to filter that you currently use for your feed, you can continue to use that filter in your new grid layout. Simply Click Filters in Easil and paste in the filter code. Your custom filter will be applied to the entire template. Easy!

If you don’t yet use an image filter, we highly recommend choosing one from the Easil image filter pre-sets. You can also create your own filter by applying with the adjustment sliders. Have fun with it!

It makes sense that color is an important part of your finished Instagram Puzzle Feed, and should be on-brand. Use our Easil Color Palette Generator to pick out the dominant colors from your photographs. It’s our Puzzle Feed Secret Weapon!

Now you can create a perfect color palette upon which to work with. Remember to repeat your chosen colors in the graphical elements and text components of the grid design. They’ll certainly pull together the cohesiveness of your Instagram Puzzle Feed graphics.

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

Now that you have that sorted, let’s apply it to our Puzzle Feed Templates:

This is a gorgeous base template to use for daily posts for 3 weeks, with 21 spaces in the puzzle grid template overall.

Hot tip: Play with filters, particularly the ‘Hue’ slider, to change the color of the watermark splash images in the background.

Top Instagram Grid Template Psds For 2022

This is another stunning Instagram puzzle feed template, giving you a 21-image space to create a beautiful curated feed! It’s filled with pastel splashes and brush strokes, and once edited, you’ll have another 3 weeks of Instagram posts, planned and sorted.

Hot tip:This design includes a few options for quotes or short phrases. Remember that with Instagram, the power is not just in the images. It’s in the captions. Use your captions to expand on the meaning or message behind your images.

This is the last of our 21-image Instagram Puzzle Feed templates in this post. This template lets you showcase a few different image sizes and gives you the option to add a little more text on the images if you wish. It’s super easy to edit with

more wow-factor than you would expect for the effort it takes to customise the grid!

Hot tip: Work with our Color Palette Generator to pull colors from your images. Find the core 2-3 colors you wish to work with, and then work them back into the background, hearts, dots, strokes and icons! Don’t like Blue? Change it to your preferred brand color and you’re good to go.

Let’s change things up a bit with our Mighty Mini Grid design. If you want to stand out with your Instagram Puzzle Feed, a 3 x 2 grid can do just that! The beauty of this design is that you can use it between your ‘normal’ image blocks.

Hot Tip: The “puzzle” works through the centre of this grid. This means that the top (and bottom) areas that sit before and after the Mighty Mini squares will work together seamlessly with your existing photo feed. To ensure it all blends in with your current feed, match the background color to your existing feed color palette.

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

Our ‘Power of 9 Grid’ might just be the perfect place for you to start. Especially if the 21-image grid is too overwhelming and the Mighty Mini is not enough. This grid is just right.

Hot Tip: It’s easy to plan your feed using the 9-image cycle of these grids. Stack them together if you wish. Three of these grids will almost cover one month of posts or just level up to a 21-image Instagram Puzzle Grid when you’re ready.

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Once you’re happy with your design, you’ll need to download it as a PNG file, then use an external source to split it up – ready for loading to Instagram.

We recommend ImageSplitter, a free online resource that you can use without any registration.

Instagram Puzzle Template Instagram Grid Layout Design Free Mockups

Check the Preview provided. If it’s good to go, hit the Split Image button and you’ll get an instant download of all your files, nicely trimmed to 1080x1080px. This is the perfect size for each piece of your Instagram puzzle feed.

Get organised for the days (or weeks!) ahead by adding your files to a ‘Gram planner. We love Agorapulse for its ease of use on a desktop and you can also pre-prepare your captions and hashtags, which saves time.

Promote your new Instagram Puzzle Feed posts by featuring it in an Instagram Story – or even show a behind the scenes showing how you created your social media graphics on the grid – in a video!

Want More? We’ve added more Puzzles inside Easil! Search ‘Puzzle’ in the Template search feed to find them, and start editing!

Which of these Instagram Puzzle feed templates will you try out? We’d love to see your new creations! Use #madeineasil on your posts and Tag @teameasil in your Instagram Stories so we can share them in our Storiestoo!

And to make it even simpler, we created 6 beautiful Instagram Puzzle Feed templates for you.

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

We are making the templates free for everyone, all around the world. We want to make sure nobody breaks the templates. So please, follow this tutorial carefully.

To keep things super simple, I recommend you use Canva on your computer (not the app). It will be easier to create your puzzle feed on your computer.

Please read the full tutorial first to make sure you understand exactly how to use the template and how to split your images perfectly.

To download your Puzzle Feed, press on the “Download” button, on the top right corner of your screen.

Tip: Check what page your Instagram Puzzle Feed is on. For example, “Template 6: Arty” is on page 18. Select the exact page you need to download.

How To Create A Beautiful Instagram Puzzle Feed 5 Free Templates

Each individual image will appear in your Preview feed, ready to be posted on Instagram.

This is handy if you want to add more posts in your Preview feed, or if the images are not in the right order.

Preview allows you to see how your feed will exactly look like before you post on Instagram.

Drag and Drop: Hold your finger on a post and drag it somewhere else in your feed

Set a day and time and Preview will automatically post your image and caption on Instagram.

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

Tip: Post in the right order or schedule your posts in the right order. Start posting / scheduling the first post that is on the bottom right corner first. Then move your way left and up as you continue posting. This will make sure your Puzzle Feed gets re-created on Instagram perfectly.

It literally takes me 10 minutes to create a puzzle feed from start to finish using the template and then uploading the posts in Preview.

We would love to see your creations! Tag us @preview.app in your posts or Insta Story so we can re-share your beautiful Puzzle Feed.

So,, first of all, thank you! this is awesome! I do have a question though. I was doing this concept a while back, but what was so hard is that your feed looks off unless you post in 3’s? once you post, it offsets your feed and the puzzle doesn’t look right? Can you advise on how to get around that? or is it just the downside of having a puzzle feed?

You’re welcome 🙂 Really good question! That was a big issue for us too. So we’ve tried to make the templates in such way that the feed (and individual photos) will still look fine even if you don’t post all of the photos all at once, or three by three.

was searching about this, and wondering if i can make this in an easy way and then you showed me this. much thanks for this

Free Puzzle Instagram Template

Hi! Thanks for the great post! However, someone is already editing it, without making a copy, as you have clearly instructed……Would you be so kind as to create a copy yourself and send it again, because that one is already destroyed…

Just saw this this morning too 🙁 We just fixed it. Please try again now. Let me know how you go!

When you open the app There’s a sign that someone called sarah Morales Is making changes….?

Unfortunately some people broke the templates 🙁 we just fixed it. Try again now to make your own copy. Let me know how you go!

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

Thank you so much guys! you are amazing in sharing this tools with a lot of people!

Hey Thanks! I appreciate it. Ivr been wanting to do this actually but wasnt sure how. My question is: Do you advise starting a NEW instagram account to do this properly?? I’m worried it will look strange if I just switch up my normal account. Let me know your advice on that. Thanks again!

A new blog post about this exact topic coming in 2 weeks! For now, quick tip: most people just plan their new feed on top of their old one. So don’t worry too much about your old posts. Buuut if you reallt can’t stand looking at your old posts and feed, you can archive your Instagram posts (press on the 3 dots “…” on top of your post and select “Archive”). It will hide your old Instagram posts from your Instagram feed. I hope that helps.

Yes very helpful. I didn’t know you could hide your old posts. That’s cool. I always wished instagram allowed you to delete posts or move them around! But that’s not how it works I guess. Thank you very much for letting me know.

Hello! I don’t see the templates anymore :(, the only thing I saw its a computer and a black background

Thanks so much for creating this I was so excited to download but every time I go to copy someone is editing it, such a shame. Annie

If the template is not destroyed, quickly make a copy, even if you see someone is editing. I hope it is possible.

Instagram Puzzle Feed Template For Canva

Hi, thank you so much for keep fixing it. I finally got a copy of the template. Thank you for your hard work. Really appreciate it

Trying new puzzle feed template and had the most fun creating, but while all looks so good on my computer I have run into a problem when putting photos into my Preview App. I got through the process of splitting photos through link you recommended and still look clear on computer, but noticed when uploaded to my iPhotos as well as Dropbox they are very small images. Then when I uploaded images from IPhotos into my Preview App and started arranging I noticed they are very fuzzy and not sharp. When I open the downloaded images from Pinetools in Preview they are super clear in small size, so am not sure what to do to fix. Any suggestions? This is my first time to try to actually use Preview to start posting but I post very sharp images so am hoping to figure out a solution to this issue. Thank you so much for your help!

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Nope, some people broke the template. We fixed the document. It should be fine now ?

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

Thanks for this wonderful puzzle feed template. I managed to follow all the steps to have the images rearranged on the Preview App. However, will I post each individual image from the Preview App onto the Instagram Feed…. each one appears as a single post. I don’t see the puzzle feed. Please advise where did I go wrong or miss any steps. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for sharing these templates and your directions were so easy to follow! I need advice, would it be overkill to post all 12 grids at the same time? I’ve designed my grid to make an announcement.

Personally, I would share one grid at a time. If you really can’t wait, then I would share 3 grids a day: one in the morning, one around lunch time, one at night. This way you spread the posts and don’t bombard people with a lot of posts at once.

Thank you I had the same question. Please re-share the templates!! I am sooooo excited about being able to do my puzzle!!

Thank you so much for sharing! However I believe the file is broken again, would you be so kind as to upload it once more?

Hello! I’m super excited about this but I’m afraid it’s broken again. I only see 3 templates available instead of the 6. It just doesn’t look right. Would you mind checking?

Hi guys !!! Absolutely love this – but someone is editing 🙁 could you fix it as I’m not sure if what it looks like right now is what it should look like 🙂

I’m going to fix it again soon 🙁 check the blog post again in a few hours

Instagram Puzzle Feed Template Canva Instagram Templates 753863


Hey. I follow the link and don’t find the template. 🙁 I only see an template with the text “create insta worthy photos”

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

I am unfortunely facing the same issue. Seems someone didn’t follow instructions and changed the template again. 🙁

Yep 🙁 I’m going to fix it again soon. Sorry guys. Check the blog post again in a few hours. I’ll create a new link.

Thank you for the great post, however the template doesn’t look like I expected it too…a blank page, a St Patrick’s day page plus 2 more. Has someone edited the original again?!

Hi there, I am so excited to get started! Just to check, is the link broken again as i dont seem to get puzzle templates, it get other random designs. Shame it seems it has been broken quite a few times, hope it isnt to complicated to fix for you guys?

GUYS. Are the templates still available??? I do not see them??? I am only seeing facebook story, instagram story and such but no puzzle option!!

omg bless your heart for continually correcting this. lol Someone is editing it now…again…:(

I’m fixing it right now ❤️ it should be all good in a few hours. Get your copy quick before something happens again lol 🙂

I’m so late to this party and it seems that the link is mess up again, I’m so sorry to bother you but would you mind updating the link again or sending it to me?

Hi! I can’t find the template, someone edited again? Is it possible to download elsewhere? 🙂 Many thanks!

Instagram Puzzle Feed Template

I think maybe I am doing something wrong- I get all the way to the step where I’m on my Canva “copy of puzzle feed” page, and the options I see are: A real estate ad, a St Patricks day background, and a community feeding poster. Are these the templates I should be looking for?

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

Totally destroyed again 🙁 Man this must be my 10th time trying to access the template 🙁

Thank you so much! I managed to get it before someone ruined it again! If anyone needs it, please leave your comment below, I have saved two copies just in case 🙂

If you would send it to me please? I would be so grateful! I keep missing the clean template! [email protected]

I would be forever grateful if I could get a copy of the clean one as well. [email protected] . Thank you so much!

Hi! It would be so great to finally see the templates I’ve wanted to see lol, you’re the plug, do you still have the copies? Please share if you want to, [email protected]

Hey, do you still have this? If so, can you please send it to me at [email protected] ?

It works!!!!! https://media2.giphy.com/media/4xpB3eE00FfBm/giphy-downsized-medium.gif

would you mind sharing with me, if you have a copy that isnt messed up? thanks 🙂

Hi thank you for giving us this great template. But some one cleard it and the document is blank. Do you think you could give me the link. Really want to get m IG up and running. xoxo Flow

hello. Im sorry but someone has edited it. Can I please have an update if you can?

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

Instagram Puzzle Feed Template For Canva Beauty Instagram

Everytime i click the link its a different pic. Its getting a bit funny now lol!!

I think someone changed the template again… would you mind updating the link or sending it to me?

Hi! Looks like the template got erased completely in Canva 🙁 is it available elsewhere?

Ok let’s try this! I have a copy of the Puzzle Feed in this link. https://www.canva.com/design/DADYHTQX2h8/share/preview?token=NXAwIkrb9dSY_yxI1ZIU-Q&role=EDITOR&utm_content=DADYHTQX2h8&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton

Next person – make TWO copies of the link WITHOUT EDITING IT!!!. Post one link here. Let’s start a thread of unbroken puzzle feeds!

hello, someone messed up your link too , would you please send me another link if you still have them 🙁




Hello ! Maybe I’m wrong but I think that the link is still broken :/ I download a template but it’s not the good one 🙁

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template


Instagram Puzzle Template

Please, could you post a copy again of the good template ? Thank you for this tuto and sharing !

Someone has broken it AGAIN…. can you please fix it? So annoying that people don’t read instructions. Much appreciated!

Like you, I don’t understand why there are problems :/ Things are so clear :/

Hi, thank you for the post,… the template gave me more ideas..but someone edited before and looks like regular posters.

I just tried to download the templates and when Canva opens it says sorry something went wrong … it won’t even download the templates for me. Help please!

here is a link that is kinda working, there is still working templates in this but make sure to make copy before editing it https://www.canva.com/design/DADYHfSfGRY/nZfC5pvLBMoqI4phf91JuQ/edit

I can see the templates, but I can´t do anything with them…would please send the link again Daniel? Thanks

Hey! Hi everyone! Please help! I can´t edit it! I can open this link https://www.canva.com/design/DADYHfSfGRY/nZfC5pvLBMoqI4phf91JuQ/view where I can see the templates but I can´t do anything with them, its just for preview the templates, would someone sent me the link again please? Thanks!

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Hi! Why am not able to get the templates? access is forbidden for me. why is that?

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

can you please email the original link to me, it doesn’t worrkkkk. 🙁 email: [email protected] or [email protected] thank youu

Hi there! this post is really helpful. thanks! I wonder if you still have the template on Canva because I could not find it and seemed someone didn’t make a copy on it.

Instagram Puzzle Template Watercolor

I JUST chanced across this goldmine of an article. But the template link is broken 🙁 Does anyone have another one that isn’t destroyed? Please share if you do!

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Advantages of using Puzzle Feed Templates for your Instagram feed – Guna Meldere

Let’s find out 5 reasons why you should consider using Puzzle Feed Templates for your Instagram feed in 2020. If you’re trying to grow your Instagram account organically, but struggle with the creative part, don’t have much time and want more engaged followers for your personal brand or business, this article/video is for you as you will find out a possible solution.

The IG puzzle is a series of photos that you post separately, one by one on IG to become one giant, interesting and attention-grabbing creative collage – like a mood board. It is a new way of styling your feed, my clients love it! You will too! Stop stressing over what you need to post on your feed – this IG puzzle template got you covered & and guess WHAT!!! You can create 15 posts in under 5 minutes! How cool is that?

Let’s go through those 5 reasons which will explain the advantages of using Puzzle Feed Templates for your Instagram.

Those of you, who already know me, know that I can’t stress enough the importance of first impressions. I’am always talking about going from first impressions to results and how to go from that cold audience to the hot one. And puzzle feed template is something that can make your first impression amazing. If you have structured, beautiful and impressive Instagram feeds like these one below then you immediately are capturing your ideal client’s attention.

If you are choosing or creating puzzle feed templates that are super aligned with your brand, who you are, what you do – you are being in for a treat, because you are not only catching your ideal client’s attention quickly but also can have a great first impression about you. There is a study that if you make first impressions not so great then it takes half a year of everyday connection to change that mind. This pretty much means that online you don’t have a chance. If you didn’t capture your ideal client’s attention straight away with the first impression then most likely you will not change their mind, because that just takes too much time.

Template Instagram Feed Puzzle - Detail Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

We all want to save it and make our lives easier. When you are using an Instagram puzzle feed template you save a lot of time because it’s plugin play. It’s pretty much – take, drag and drop – and your images are there! You split one image in lots of pieces and you have a lot of foundations for your posts to post on Instagram. It takes pretty much seconds to do that. If you are not willing to spend a lot of time creating and curating your Instagram feed, applying all the filters and other Instagram stuff, templates can be a good chance for you to still be active and consistent on Instagram without spending too much time on it.

You can actually integrate your fonts and colors really easily. Within those puzzle feed templates you can change backgrounds, element colors, text colors and fonts. That makes it easy to integrate your own branding within premade templates with different elements that can support your brand message. And it’s fun and cool as well!

Sometimes you spend so much time curating your photos, editing them, making filters, using different tools to make all images look great together. When you have a puzzle feed template you actually can insert your images that are not edited perfectly. They can be with different lightening, different color schemes yet they still will look all put together. It will be the same vibe just because of all the rest elements that are around your images which is a huge plus.

Advantages Of Using Puzzle Feed Templates For Your Instagram Feed

Puzzle feed builds up curiosity within your audience. You post one image and they can see that there is something going on, that there will be something else. Or maybe they are seeing several in a row and get curious what it’s all about so they will go and check your entire feed. If they will see that there might be a continuation they will come back to check your Instagram feed’s offering more often because they want to know what’s next, what you have prepared after.

You can make your own template, play around with different filters and elements. It’s easy to do it on photoshop or canva. If you do not have time, desire or creativity to do it you can definitely check out Puzzle Feed Templates (Canva) collection that we have prepared for you: https:///product/instagram-puzzle-feed-template-for-canva/

One more thing though – not for everybody Instagram puzzle feed will work. You really need to know your audience. That is the number one thing that you always need to know before doing anything with your visuals or anything else with your brand. You need to know to whom you are selling, who are you attracting, who is your ideal client. Not just knowing how old they are, what they are doing and so on – you got to go deeper. If you don’t know and haven’t worked out who your ideal client is you can check out my podcast episode about Ideal Client: https:///blog/ideal-client-profile/

Depending on your audience Instagram puzzle feeds can work and can not work so well. You always need to test out. If you’re busy, you are not posting regularly, you can’t find good content to post, you are overwhelmed, you don’t know how to edit images then puzzle feed templates are a great solution for you. Because it takes away a lot of pressure from you. But some audiences prefer more authentic, more real images without pretty elements and other features. It depends on who your ideal client is, how you serve them and how they engage the most. So you got to test out – it’s always better to be consistent rather than trying put out something perfect there.

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