Template Instagram Feed Gratis – Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

Template Instagram Feed Gratis – Have you ever found yourself looking at someone’s feed on Instagram and wondering how they got all of their posts lined up to create such a cool design across the entire grid?

Puzzle Themes, Puzzle Feeds, or my personal fave, Puzzle Grids. They’re fan-freaking-tastic to look at and there are so many benefits to using them beyond the fact that they look pretty!

Template Instagram Feed Gratis

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

I’ve found that there’s a common misconception that creating an Instagram Puzzle Grid takes a lot of work and skill. But the truth is that it’s just as simple as creating one large design layout and splitting it up.

Vektor Stok Coffee Shop Instagram Postfeed Template Tanpa Royalti 1648078183

You can absolutely create your very own Instagram Puzzle Grid from scratch using Canva!

The Instagram Puzzle Grid is a series of photos that you post separately on Instagram so it becomes one large, interesting, and downright fun collage… a whole lot like a mood board for your feed!

Puzzle Grids are SO much fun to make, they are a clever way to display your creativity, and they help your feed really stand out!

Are you ready to finally figure out how to plan, design, and post gorgeous Puzzle Grid layouts on your Instagram feed?

There are many benefits to planning your designs using this method! I started using them occasionally on my own Instagram feed back in 2018 and there are so many things I’ve loved about them!

To name a few, Puzzle Grids can be SO much fun to make, they are a clever way to display your creativity, they help your feed design really stand out, and most importantly, once you’ve created a whole batch, you’ll have weeks (if not months) worth of posts ready to go! Seriously, you’ll never have to worry “what am I going to post today?”.

The first step before you can dig into the fun stuff is to figure out how you’re going to lay out your grid posts so you know where to place all of the goodies you’re going to add.

You can either design a layout from scratch using a variety of graphics tools built into Canva or you can start with a template that already has everything placed and measured out perfectly!

The recommended size for a square Instagram post is 1080 x 1080 pixels, so you’ll want to make the design 3240 pixels wide and any multiple of 1080 pixels tall. As long as the specs of your oversized design are divisible by 1080 pixels on each side, you’re all set! You will then post them 3-across and however many tall that you want it to go!

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

If you’d like to get your hands on one of my Canva template packs to get started, check out my Puzzle Grid Templates:

This is where the magic happens! Once you’ve got your layout nailed down, all you need to do is start customizing the design with anything you’d like! Add your own photos, enter text, calls to action, quotes, your brand colors, stickers, etc… The possibilities are endless with Canva!

Instagram Puzzle Template For Canva Instagram Template

If you’re new to Canva, I want to make sure you know how to get the most out of the tools available! So I created a handy video tutorial that covers everything from customizing photos and aligning objects to downloading your finished masterpiece! If you’re ready to kick your design skills up a notch, use this link to watch myCanva Video Tutorial.

Once you’ve customized your templates in Canva, you will need to split up your large design graphic into smaller squares to post them individually on Instagram. The easiest way I’ve found is a simple online tool that you can use for free! To get started, click here to go to PINETOOLS – Split Image Online

In this video tutorial, watch me take you through the steps where I’m demonstrating how to split up your images to create the individual posts for Instagram Puzzle Grids!

It’s as easy as starting with a layout, customizing your design content, then splitting it up into the pieces to post! Now you have a stunning new Puzzle Grid to show off!

Okay all you DIY designers, I hope this post has given you all of the information, direction, and resources that you’ll need to create your own stunning Puzzle Grid!

I would love to hear from you if you have any other questions about Instagram Puzzle Grids that I haven’t already covered above! Also, it would absolutely make my day if you tagged me or sent me a DM when you’re posting so I can check out your beautiful work! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with an email or DM on Instagram!

Finally, if you’d like to check out some of my FREE templates to get an idea of what it’s like working in Canva, you should totally check out my Ultimate DIY Instagram Template Pack too!

Looking for ready-to-use design assets to bring your creative projects to life?Check out Creative Market:

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

Some of the links in my blog may be affiliate links. If you click through my referral link, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. I share them proudly because these are products I know and use myself.

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Custom Logos Starting At $33! I’ve created an online Brand Shop that you can browse through, find a logo design that suits your style and your needs, then get it customized in just one day! Seriously!

I’m a Canva & Branding Coach who loves teaching crafters, makers, and small shop owners to be as creative with branding as they are with their products!

Free Instagram Templates For Photoshop Adlibweb

Follow me on Instagram for inspiration, peeks behind the scenes, & to send me a DM. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Inside you get full access to 500+ Canva templates, new template packs every 2 weeks, plus weekly design training and office hours for support!

These templates are fully customizable for your brand! I’ve included instructions plus a video tutorial so you can get started right away!

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Social Media tips100+ Best Instagram Templates for Posts and StoriesAnn McClain March 2, 2020

Are you looking for beautiful, high-quality Instagram templates to take your account to a whole new level? In this collection, we have handpicked over 40 sets of Instagram templates for Stories and posts.

You can save your time and use online instagram post designer Canva which has a lot of easy-to-use predefined designs.

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

An Instagram template is a set of ready-made solutions that will enable you to share various types of content on a popular channel on social networks. It is a great tool to save time for marketers, designers and individuals. Using templates, you can add images and graphics with text, infographics, backgrounds, and other visual elements. This is the basis for launching design ideas. If you struggle with the content type, a template can help a lot.

Besides, with the template, you can create a visual identity and theme on a social network. The leading Instagram accounts have content and a visual theme that subscribers know and expect. This is much more complicated than just posting photos from your phone.

Check out Instagram Stories editor Canva that has tons of pre-made templates, and animated stories, and more.

Finally, a good Instagram template will enable you to quickly create promotions even if you are not a designer. How to Make an Instagram Stories Template?

Download Template Feed Instagram 1

Hire a professional from Fiverr from $5 to create and edit Instagram Stories for you.

Remember, the caption should be up to 2,200 characters, though try to keep 125 symbols;Square image

Image size is 600 x 750 pixels (maximum 1936 x 1936 pixels) Free Instagram Templates for Stories (Download now) Rose on grey backdrop Instagram Stories template

Templates with exclusive graphics for sale season. You can edit the illustration and use it for the promotion campaign as well.

If you are trying to give your Instagram branding a sparkly makeover then buy our Instagram Stories Pack. Here you’ll find Instagram templates for real estate, travel, personal branding, and more.

This set has 10 options in PSD. You can change the layout for yourself, you just need to add a photo and create beautiful posts.

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

Templates with simple and eye-catching graphics that attract new users. 30 options can be edited online with Canva.

Thousands of free floral templates in PSD. Traditional flower motives will make your posts and stories harmonious and attractive and add an elegant touch.

Free Vector templates are the right tool for creativity. You may choose from thousands of clipart graphics, vector art images, design templates, illustrations. Recommended for commercial use.

The collection includes 150 cover designs. Use ready-made gray icons & white backgrounds in PNG format at 750px X 750px. No additional software needed.

A great tool to increase your brand engagement. Use 30 unique designs that are fully customizable and compatible with Photoshop.

Free Instagram Puzzle Template Free Design Resources

A powerful Instagram story template pack. 5 post templates and 3 story templates. Compatible with Photoshop Cs6 and CC.

Enjoy a great collection of all-purpose and themed vector banners for free. You will enjoy fully editable vector formats suitable for web and social media.

This tool will enable you to add a zest to your Instagram presentation. 12 PSD templates are easy to edit and customize for your design needs

It is a puzzle-designed template set for Canva. The tool is good for small business owners as it allows to plan ahead by making 18 posts from one JPG.

This pack will represent your content is a very creative way. Add film frames to your posts using 15 Easy to Edit PSD Templates and 15 PNG Versions. PSD Files Require Photoshop CS4+.

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

Download this Free PSD File about Social media post mockup with lifestyle concept, and discover more than 6 M professional graphic templates.

20 easy editable story templates. All shapes are vector-based. Variety of fonts, compatible with Photoshop.

25 free textured photo masks collection in PSD format. Recommended for personal and commercial use.

The pack offers 12 templates for fitness and workout posts. They come in two fonts and PSD format. You will need Photoshop CS4.

Make your posts more alive using 30 animated PSD files and 30 static stories. These templates are perfect for promotion and ads. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 / CC.

8 Instagram templates in vintage style. A unique tool for creating versatile posts, compatible with Photoshop.

Make An Instagram Puzzle Grid From Scratch Using Canva Brand With Ease

This pack is designated for fashion bloggers and is fully optimized for Instagram. 12 story designs, 3 fonts, editable text option.

12 exclusive animated stories that will deliver your content in a fresh way. Arrange posts in stylish carousels, and mix customizable texts with images.

An Adobe XD template tool will improve the layout of your stories. Story templates save time and make the whole process simple and handy.

A useful tool for advanced post planning through the Canva platform. One image can be designed in 18 posts.

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

8 packs of fully customizable stories represented as sketch templates. Highly recommended for online stores.

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A great tool for creating stories from your smartphone.4 stylish collections and 84 graphic elements. Compatible with Android and iOS.

Set of templates with a girly summer style. It is recommended for free use for bloggers, photographers, travelers.

This pack offers 20 PSD files and 40 PNG files for Canva users. Minimalistic style, changeable fonts, and colors – all you need to create an elegant Instagram post.

A pack of 5 Instagram templates that are appropriate for online stores. Create your social promo banner just in a few steps. Adjustable size for any social media channel.

A collection of 30 inspiring quotes to attract more followers. Available in PSD and PNG file formats. Editable colors, text, and images, patterns, gradients.

A pack consists of 20 video templates for effective promotion on Instagram. You can edit the photo, font, button color, and pallet. Compatible with Photoshop CS5 / CC.

How To Create A Beautiful Instagram Puzzle Feed 5 Free Templates

A bundle of 24 PSD templates in minimalistic style. It is suitable for both posts and stories and recommended for commercial use.

30 free and fully customizable PSD templates. They will help you to instantly create mood posts. A helpful tool for designers, bloggers, and other creative authors.

An extensive bundle of 857 templates. 40 fully editable Instagram templates, 20 stories & 20 posts. 150 files with exciting graphics, unique backgrounds. All items are editable.

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

Bring your posts to life with animated elements. 20 PSD templates based on Vector shapes are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and higher.

Use this instrument to create eye-catching stories. It is simple to use and does not need additional software. Choose a cool food background for your publication.

This package contains 20 editable templates. It is a perfect tool to customize storytelling. You can use Adobe Photoshop or Canva for editing.

Anna is a passionate writer who loves beautiful designs and photography. She has an eye for creative stuff that’s why all her showcases are stunning. Despite the fact that Anna is a doctor and she loves medicine, Anna also managed to collect beautiful content for !

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Instagram becomes more and more popular every day. Probably all your friends and colleagues have this application. It means that you can use Instagram to promote your products and interact with your acquaintances. However, you need a proper Instagram template for Photoshop to strengthen your personal brand. Today we want to show you this collection of free Instagram templates . Without further ado, let’s discuss these beautiful templates:

Check out this free Instagram store posts template. It is made in yellow and orange, with a little amount of red. Such a template is perfect for sneakers shop promotion. Use it to strengthen your personal brand and create a loyal audience.

Best Instagram Post Story Templates 2022

Just look at these free Instagram fashion templates in square format. You can use them for improving the visual concept of your account. Keep in mind that you can edit each template to make it match your goals.


Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

This floral Instagram post collection will come in handy for almost everybody. Each template depicts an image in black and white. Also, you can place your text or add a famous quote. Of course, you are welcome to replace photos.

Being healthy cannot be superfluous. Go check out the following free healthy food Instagram stories templates in saturated colors. Just look at these tasty dishes and special recipes. Nobody will stay indifferent.

Free Healthy Food Instagram Stories Set Template in PSD

This free Instagram stories template looks simple but quite stylish. You can change the texting and fonts as well as replace the main photo. Feel free to open this template in Photoshop to customize it.


International peace day can be celebrated only once a year. So, make sure to pick up the right Instagram post template to talk about the upcoming event.


These free yellow Instagram posts templates are waiting for your attention. They perfectly catch the sight so the potential client is going to learn more about your products. Do not forget to add a special offer – it will boost sales.

This Instagram puzzle template looks pretty usual. You can use it for both a personal account of an Instagram shop. Of course, you should edit and adjust the template if you want to change something.

Instagram Post Free Canva Template


Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

This social media post mockup with a beauty concept is made in black and white. That is why it looks format and restricted. Such a multipurpose template will come in handy for every Instagram user.


Here are 9 free Instagram blog post templates in nude colors, also find IPhone mockups in the Ramotion store . Choose the template you like and do not forget to edit that to your liking. Although the design is already fabulous, you can add some slight changes.

Pay attention to this free Instagram story template in light colors. The design looks minimalistic and classy. We guarantee that you will attract much more attention thanks to this Instagram story template.


This floral Instagram post collection is worth your attention. Look at these lines and figures, as well as the layouts of the templates. You can place a photo and add relevant text.

This free toy shop Instagram post template will help you to promote a new collection or your whole shop. Just add appropriate photos and a special offer that can interest a potential client. It is a perfect decision for your account promotion.

Free Toy Shop Instagram Posts Template in PSD + AI

Check out this free download podcast Instagram template. It is made in nude and pale colors that make the template look gentle. You can change some details such as texting using Adobe Photoshop.

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Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

Free Instagram Feed And Profile Psd Ui Iphonex Ready On Behance

This feel the nature Instagram post template has quite an extraordinary design. However, it is made in a restricted color spectrum including white, green, and beige. If you want to replace a photo and add some special texting, do not hesitate to edit the template in Adobe Photoshop.


These free soft pink Instagram post templates look stunning, don’t they? Just look at these colors: they resemble a bubble gum so they draw attention immediately. Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from this set of templates.

Free Soft Pink Instagram Posts Set Template in PSD

Look at this gorgeous free fashion Instagram template. Made in white and deep blue, it looks restricted but attractive. You can use this template to promote a new clothes collection or announce upcoming changes.


Why not use this modern dynamic Instagram post feed template? It is designed in black, white, and yellow, with a picture of a handsome man wearing a suit. The picture is not included, so you are welcome to replace it with the relevant photo


Just look at the following free Instagram wedding banner templates. They are made in nude colors with the usage of graceful fonts. If you want the guests to remember your wedding ceremony, do not hesitate to customize these templates to your liking.

If you are interested in fashion, do not wait any longer. This free download fashion Instagram template is ready to edit and download. It is made in light colors so it immediately attracts a client’s sight.

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates


Jual 1000 Desain Template Instagram Feed Story 2022

This free food delivery menu banner set template is to help you gather a bigger loyal customer audience. The design is minimalistic as the template is mainly made in black and white. Each template includes at least one picture so you can show what your dishes look like.

Free Food Delivery Menu Banner Set Template in PSD

These free black Instagram story templates are really gorgeous. Although they are made only in black and white, each template conveys really nice vibes. They look luxurious and minimalistic.


This free Instagram blog banners template looks wild and light. The design is made in pale and faded colors so it does not look irritating. Make sure to edit and customize this template in Photoshop.

Need to promote your coffee shop or bakery? Look at this free coffee shop Instagram template in brown and nude colors. Each part depicts coffee beans or cups of cappuccino. Remember that you can edit each template in a few minutes.

If you are looking for a proper free Interior Instagram post a stories template, check out the following one. It is made in nude and light colors so every potential client is going to like that. Do not forget to change some details in Adobe Photoshop.

Free PSD Interior Instagram Posts and Stories Template

This free Instagram stories template is very bright and attractive. It is made in yellow, light pink, and blue. Keep in mind that you can add slight changes to every part of the template.

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

Owning or managing a tattoo studio? Pay attention to this free tattoo Instagram set template in black and white. Each template depicts a particular person with a beautiful tattoo sketch.

Here are 8 free Instagram stories templates in saturated blue. The design is pretty simple and minimalistic although these templates look really bright. You only need to edit the templates to your liking.

Instagram Feed Images

Check out these 12 free plants Instagram bundle templates. They are made in beige and light colors. Also, each template includes a section with the text.

Just look at this free coffee banners template in white, blue, and brown. It is minimalistic but pretty stylish due to graceful fonts. Using Adobe Photoshop, you can make any template look perfect.

Do not miss the opportunity to use this free fashion Instagram post template set. It consists of 3 templates on orange, yellow, and red. Each template has 100% customizable layouts so you can edit them using Adobe Photoshop.


This free beauty banners template is worth your attention. It depicts a gorgeous girl with a beautiful hairstyle. Each template can be edited in a few minutes without any special skills or preparation.

This free Instagram posts collection with dynamic geometrics looks simple and minimalistic. It is designed in violet and white, the texting is in black. Do not forget to customize the template, of course.


These free cosmetics Instagram set templates in nude colors are waiting for your attention. You just need to add a special offer, place the photos of your products, and edit the template in Photoshop. That’s it!

Template Instagram Feed Gratis - Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

Why not use this free social media post mockup with a lifestyle concept? Made in white and green, it will perfectly fit any type of account. Each template has a space for texting so you can add a quote or write down your thoughts.


Of course, there are a lot of other Instagram templates for Photoshop that you can get for free. However, we want you to start with this amount and define your main goals and needs. Keep in mind that you can edit and customize every template for free. If you want to see more such templates, make sure to visit websites such as: Free-Psd-Templates , Freepik , Pinterest , Behance . Good luck and stay tuned!

Top Instagram Grid Template Psds For 2022

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