Template Instagram Stories Gratis – Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

Template Instagram Stories Gratis – Instagram is one of the most used social media sites because you can use it for your fun or sell your new brand’s products. It is the quickest way to get to the mass media since Instagram has hit 1 Billion users in the past year! Since so many different people use Instagram, if you want to promote something whether it is a blog or a product, it’s crucial to be unique and as creative as you can be! You may be wondering, How do I do that? Well, you are already on the path to success! Using social media templates adds a different style than the one every single Instagram user has available to them; making your posts more attention-grabbing and appealing. We handpicked 50 different social media templates, each with their design layout so that you don’t have to keep on searching for the perfect model to match your feed. We guarantee you will find at last one Instagram story template you will like and be able to use. So, keep scrolling and check them out!

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Template Instagram Stories Gratis

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

Do you have a product you want to showcase on your business’ social media page? If so, the Promotional Instagram Stories PSD was designed to explicitly have the trendiest layouts so your new brand products can truly shine!

Templat Untuk Instagram Stories Desain Sampul Mode Modern Untuk Media Sosial Selebaran

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The Free Instagram Banner Templates PSD offers you a variety of modern and clean Instagram story templates that will attract a lot of traffic to your blog or highlight your business’ newest product!

This trendy, modernized Instagram story template has many exclusive features that will help make your social media post stand out from the rest. Whether you are selling a product or adding posts for your blog, this template is the one you are looking for!

Do you want an Instagram story that is full of beautiful colors that will make any post vibrant and full of life? Lucky for you, the Instagram Post Banner Social Media Pack PSD was inspired by Summer. Therefore, there are beautiful colors that will help promote any post whether it is personal or commercial!

With the Eily Instagram Templates PSD, you get ten different templates that all have a unique and trendy style. Use this social media template to gain traffic for your blog and sell those cool products faster!

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

This trendy multipurpose template is perfect for any photographer, graphic designer, blogger, wedding planner, and lots more! It has a vibrant layout that is fitted for any use whether its commercial or personal, this social media template will make your posts shine!

Best Instagram Templates For Posts And Stories

The Instagram Stories UI Template PSD is part of this collection because of all its incredible exclusive features. It is a cool template that will make any post unique and fun to look at.

Nowadays, many people love online shopping, so what better way to sell a product online if not through Instagram? Use this super cool Instagram story template to make any product look amazing!

This social media template is one of our favorites because it has super trendy layouts that are all in High definition and super easy to edit. This template will help you gain traffic to your blog as well as promote any product you are trying to sell.

Do you want to promote your products in a new and innovative way? Well, using Instagram templates is the best way to do that! They will add hype to any post you upload whether you are a photographer, blogger, or graphic designer this is the one for you.

The Dayanara Instagram Stories Template is perfect for any blog video or product you want to gain attraction to. It is a super cool Instagram story template that has a variety of different layouts so you can pick the one that best fits your feed!

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Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

Do you want to upload a post on your social media post that will gain you traffic and promote your brand? This trendy Instagram story template will have all your followers amazed at your creativity!

Free Instagram Stories Template Pack Medialoot

Do you want to show off your creativity online? This free Instagram story template has a cool vintage design with a white background making everything on the post-op.

Are you having a big sale and want to promote it on your social media page?  Well, this favorite social media template offers super cool, attention-grabbing banners that are fun to use are beneficial.

This modern Instagram story template uses a super cool font that will add so much style and creativity to any post you use it on. It has a unique layout design that is guaranteed to help make any product or blog post stand out from everyone else!

The Resto Instagram stories template is a super cool Instagram template that has a green and white color scheme with really cool icons that help catch your follower’s attention. Use this social media template to add some style and creativity to your posts!

Whether you are using social media to promote products for our big business or small business, this clean and modern template will make you look super stylish and ready for business!

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

This beautiful template, created with fashion promotion in mind. Hence, it has so many stylish designs with different chic and trendy styles. Check it out now and start promoting those fashion products efficiently!

Instagram Puzzle Template

Overall, using templates is a super smart way of gaining more traffic and selling products a lot quicker to use one or more of these amazing social media templates to add some style and creativity to any post whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or blogger, whichever on your pick we know will come in handy.

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The 57 Best Instagram Stories for Bloggers and Brands – (Updated July 2018)

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Once Instagram launched Stories, the way we interact with the platform has significantly changed. With it has also changed Instagram’s potential in terms of brand exposure, promotion, sales & of course audience engagement.

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

Instagram stories offer an easy, fun and interactive experience for ALL its mobile users. You, as a brand and growth oriented business owner should take full advantage of its possibilities. Not just by using the Stories option, but by investing time & creativity into Story posts that stand out, trigger curiosity or an action from your viewers – be that to swipe up, vote on a poll, ask you a question, buy your product, recommend you to somebody, etc.

Stylish Instagram Story Pack Free

We won’t bore you with tips about ways you can grow your following through Instagram stories, or improve your marketing strategy, as there’s plenty of information about this online. What we will focus on in this article is Instagram Story Templates – why and how to use them for your brand. You’ll also find 25+ elegant & trendy instagram story templates for photographers, that you can download for free, easily customize in Photoshop and put to work already today.

The fact that Instagram Stories expire in 24 hours and don’t mess up your perfectly curated Instagram account, doesn’t mean that you should forget about aesthetics and your brand guidelines. This is what differentiates you from amateurs and other photographers . Present yourself professionally and capture user attention in those 15 second slots.

Honestly, in the long run, having Instagram Story covers already adapted to your branding and portfolio style – will save you time. You won’t have to come up with new ideas when announcing a new article or gallery, a preset pack that you’ve released, a workshop that you’ll speak at, or your travel dates with a call to action for potential clients, etc.

You won’t have to waste time on choosing an appropriate font, layout & color. Your pre-designed templates will already have all that structure and decisions in place, all you’ll need to do is add some text and images to it – and DONE!

Don’t take the chance of potential clients & fans tapping past your stories!

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

Use Instagram Story mockups for a more professional, clean & elegant look that makes people stop and read into your stories.

Minimalist Instagram Stories Templates

As promised, we have a bundle of beautiful Instagram Story Templates that you can download, customize & use to impress your fans. Sign up here to get them, they’re absolutely FREE!

– 1 PSD file with 29 Instagram Story templates that you can customize– 1 folder with free Google fonts that you’ll need to upload to customize the templates (feel free to switch these fonts with your own branding typography).– 1 folder with all 29 previews for the Instagram Story templates– 1 Read Me document with a video tutorial explaining how to edit the Photoshop file.

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Special thank you to Jane Iskra for her breathtaking images featured in our Instagram Story Templates.

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Today we’re bringing you a collection of free Instagram story templates for creating more attractive and trendy stories to entertain your followers.

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

Instagram Stories are one of the most effective ways of communicating with your followers. Not just to stay in touch with your audience, but also to promote your products and business. In fact, almost 1.7 billion Instagram users spend time viewing Stories every day.

Download Instagram Stories Templates Design

However, creating more attractive and unique Instagram stories daily can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we made this collection of templates, to help you design amazing Insta stories without an effort.

There are free Instagram story templates here for everyone from small businesses to lifestyle bloggers. Have a look and start downloading.

2 Million+ Instagram Post + Story Templates, Videos, Photos & Design Resources With Unlimited Downloads

Download thousands of beautiful Instagram post and story templates, Instagram video templates, and anything you need to supercharge your social media presence with an Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 Instagram templates, design assets, photos, videos and more.

Promotion Templates A Huge, Varied Pack Fashion Instagram Templates Instagram Stories Kit Fashion Instagram Stories High Key + Stylish Duotone Story Templates Stunning Visual Style Typography Insta Templates Minimal & Clean Stylish Story Templates Bauhaus Design Style

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

Instagram users love trendy and colorful designs. This is a collection of templates made just for those users. It includes a set of colorful and stylish Instagram story templates that features modern designs. They can be easily customized to your preference using Photoshop.

Free Instagram Story Templates Pretty Darn Cute Design

Here we have a package of 6 Instagram story templates perfectly suited for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and fashion-related businesses. The templates offer a minimal yet eye-catching design that is sure to make an impression.

Next up is a set of 9 classy and stylish Instagram story templates in PSD format ready for you to use. It allows easy editing of fonts, color, texts, and photos, and can be used for virtually any purpose under the sun.

Looking for free Instagram story templates for your upcoming social media marketing campaign? We have the perfect option for you. This collection of 8 templates offers a professional and sophisticated design that can be fully adjusted to meet your needs.

Next up is a stunning set of 10 Instagram story templates purpose-built for Christmas and other festive occasions. The templates are fully customizable; all you have to do is drag and drop the images, and it’s done. Having this collection in your arsenal, now you can create beautiful stories with minimal effort.

Are you a blogger looking for gorgeous Instagram story templates to level up your blogging game? Our next option has you covered. Customize these templates to your heart’s content and open new horizons of possibilities for your business.

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

This set of lovely Instagram story templates are perfect for promoting feminine brands and products. The pack includes 3 different Instagram story templates featuring elegant designs. They are all available in high-resolution PSD file format with editable layers.

Gambar Set Cerita Latar Belakang Penjualan Foto Template Instagram Dapat Digunakan Untuk

This set of Instagram story templates feature very colorful and creative designs. They are perfect for artists, designers, and agencies. The bundle includes 9 different story templates in PSD file format.

If you’re promoting a fashion or lifestyle brand on Instagram, this template bundle will help you craft elegant stories for your audience. It includes 8 Instagram story templates in Photoshop and Illustrator file formats.

The Instagram story templates in this bundle are designed with non-profit organizations in mind. Of course, you can also customize them using Photoshop to create stories for other types of businesses as well.

This is a two-in-one collection of Instagram templates that comes with both Instagram post and story templates. All of the templates feature matching designs that are especially suitable for promoting fashion and lifestyle brands.

Whether you’re an influencer promoting lifestyle products or promoting a fashion brand, this set of templates will help you craft unique designs for your stories. It includes 12 different styles of Instagram story templates in both Photoshop and Sketch file formats.

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Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

Make your Instagram stories pop with this set of story templates. These templates come with bright and colorful designs that will make your stories stand out from the crowd. The bundle features 9 different story templates in PSD file format.

Gambar Templat Cerita Instagram Templat Untuk Unduh Gratis Di Pngtree

The dark and attractive design of these Instagram story templates gives them a certain elegant look and feel unlike any other template on our list. This makes them perfect for promoting luxury brands and high-end products. You can edit them using Photoshop.

Featuring a clean and minimalist design, this Instagram story template will allow you to craft stories for modern brands and businesses. All templates are easily customizable with Photoshop. And comes with 10 free stock photos as well.

This free Instagram story bundle also features an elegant and dark design. They are made with fashion and lifestyle brands in mind. Each template comes in a high-resolution PSD file featuring free fonts. You can customize them however you like.

The templates in this pack feature elegant and clean designs. They are ideal for giving more attention to your content and highlighting your brand. The pack features 10 different templates in fully-layered PSD files.

If you have an Instagram account that promotes travel and vacation agencies, or even hotels and resorts, this set of Instagram story templates will allow you to craft more attractive stories for your audience. It includes 9 different templates in Photoshop format.

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

Another minimalist Instagram story template featuring a simple design. These templates are most suitable for designing stories for promoting creative and modern products. It includes 4 different story designs in PSD format.

Laura Free Instagram Post Templates Psd

This colorful set of Instagram story templates will help you design trendy stories to grab the attention of your followers. It includes 5 different story designs, each with its own unique elements. You can easily customize them using Photoshop to change text and fonts.

Animated Instagram stories are quite popular on the platform these days. If you also want to create an animated story, this template will come in handy. It features a stylish animation featuring brush stroke effects. You can customize it using Photoshop.

This free bundle also comes with a set of animated Instagram story designs. These templates, however, features more colorful and modern designs. They are ideal for promoting modern fashion brands and lifestyle businesses.

Show off the latest trends in fashion and design using this elegant set of Instagram story templates. These templates are designed with lifestyle accounts in mind. And they can be easily customized with Photoshop.

The Instagram story templates in this pack are made with modern and clean design. It includes 15 different designs featuring stories for promoting your latest blog posts, products, sales, and more. They are all free to download.

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

This is a useful template for small businesses for promoting seasonal sales and offers. It comes with a modern design. And includes matching Instagram story and post banner templates. You can customize them both using Photoshop.

Free Vector

A set of beautiful Instagram story templates. These templates are fully-animated and come with vintage-inspired designs. The pack includes 5 different story templates in fully-layered PSD files.

This minimalist and simple Instagram story template is perfect for highlighting your best apparel products to your followers. It comes with an easily editable PSD design with organized layers.

Promote your agency and showcase your services on Instagram using this bundle of story templates. This pack includes 5 free Instagram story designs specially made for fashion and design agencies. They are all available in PSD format.

This colorful and creative set of Instagram story templates are free to download and use. Each story template is fully animated and you can customize them using Photoshop to add your own branding and text as well.

If you have an Instagram page promoting interior design or even a real estate business, these free Instagram templates will come in handy. This bundle comes with both Instagram story and post templates to help promote your business in style.

Template Instagram Stories Gratis - Free Instagram Story Templates Why Use Them

This free Instagram story template comes with an animated design. It features a vintage film frame-like effect that will make your Insta stories look more retro and nostalgic. It’s perfect for lifestyle brand accounts.

Free Instagram Story Mockup

Looking for more? Then check out our best Instagram Story templates collection for more high-quality premium templates.

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