Template Blog Download – Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Template Blog Download – 30+ FREE PSD Blog Website templates only for creative ideas! | Free PSD Templates

We are ready to present to your attention our new collection of 30+ FREE PSD Blog Website templates only for creative ideas! There you can find the necessary PSD blog template for any taste and goal. It is all about your imagination!

Template Blog Download

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Usually, designers are well aware of the important role of ready-made templates, especially when you it is necessary to demonstrate to the customer, how the work will look at the end or get some useful idea from there.

Download Template Igniel Cloning Terbaru Responsive

At the same time, for many designers, especially juniors, it is difficult to draw the layout, especially if it is the layout of the full website. Today you can find plenty of free templates, or rather, different PSD blog templates and use them the way you wish.

Ready PSD Blog template can be a solution to the problem of the new idea. If you want to be stylish now and your website allows visitors to be able to find the main news and the latest offers, your site to be relevant and contemporary and finally that it works and generates income, a great decision will be using the already existed PSD blog templates!

It is also a great idea for those who only start their web designer career or study and for the reason to attract new customers to your design agency. If you want to know what is fashionable now and where to take steep PSD materials, this article can also be very useful for you!

So, choose any templates you like, download them and easily implement your ideas into life. Good luck!

Thank you very much for your attention! We hope you have found some useful PSD Templates for your future work and inspiration. Good luck!

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Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Lovely wedding invitation with sakura petals in what you need to announce about such impirtant event! We made romantic invitation template with cherry blossoms for you for free. All yiu need to do is replace the text with your information. Feel free to download and edit invitation templates for your needs.

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Download A Free Blog Post Template For Divi S Bistro Layout Pack

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Download free Easter flyer PSD Template in one click! Absolutely cute flyer template dedicated to Egg Hunt is waiting for you. Lovely Easter flyer with bunny and colorful eggs is easily editable in Photoshop. It’s a good way to promote Easter sale, celebration, or charity event. Download now and use it for your needs!

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Free Box mockup template in 3 different angles. Pinch lock box mockup will help you to represent your branding. Realistic box psd mockup is easy editable. You can change the text, color and pattern. Nice looking packaging mockup is absolutely free for everyone. Hit the button and grab our new freebie!

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Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

We are happy to present this hip hop cd cover template! Colorful hip-hop mixtape template in graffiti style will catch everyone’s attention. Free album cover would be perfect for rap music, hip hop, R&B. Click to download and edit CD Cover in the way you need.

You will find ecommerce, business, real estate, holiday & travel, food & restaurant, even basic and transactional email templates.

Update March 2022: We updated the article with new HTML Email Templates freebies and fixed broken links.

Free Psd Blog Template Web Design

Good HTML email templates are fairly easy to find these days but digging out good free HTML email templates may be a quite challenging task. Now, while email marketing is still one of the top means for communication with clients which provides probably the most direct contact with your leads (besides a phone call), we couldn’t possibly afford to use blah email templates for our campaigns. Even if we could, we would hardly impress our recipients whose inboxes are probably full of email marketing messages from all kinds of brands.

Here is a selection of 99 free responsive HTML email templates which are suitable for all kinds of email marketing campaigns and email newsletters. You will find:

You may also be interested in Best HTML Email Templates: 16 of the Best Sources

Ecommerce email marketinhttps://mailbakery.com/template-store/product/shopilicious-free-free-html-email-template/g campaigns are a great tool to increase your sales and realize more revenue. Here are a few eCommerce HTML email templates which you can grab for free right now.

A free eCommerce email template with a modern layout and style which certainly catches the eye. This free HTML email template has sections suitable for presenting your new products, special offers, and discounts.

An elegant eCommerce email template in golden and black conveying class and style. This free HTML email template is modern, eye-catchy, and easily adaptable to fashion eCommerce email campaigns and newsletters.

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

A neat multi-purpose HTML email template adaptable to various eCommerce businesses and free to download.

A free HTML email template suitable for selling services and courses, loaded with a variety of sections.

An attractive HTML eCommerce email template adaptable to various email marketing campaigns.

Email newsletters from the corporate world don’t have to be boring. Here are a few high-quality business-themed and corporate HTML email templates available for free download and suitable for various business types. You will also find real estate email templates and education email templates.

Binuang Digital

An attention-grabbing HTML email template to present your real estate offers and rental properties. Includes a navigation menu on top. Free to download.

A clean and stylish real estate HTML email template for free download. Put an accent on your offers with this attractive design layout.

An HTML email template great for presenting your business story, milestones, clients’ testimonials, and more.

A real estate free HTML email template prepared with sections for showing your property offers and deals.

An attractive free real estate HTML email template great for presenting new properties and real estate offers.

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

A clean professional HTML email template is available for free download. Designed in light blue and white which convey reliability and purity, this template is perfect for many email newsletters from the corporate world.

A free business HTML email newsletter template is presented in a dark blue corporate color combined with other shades of blue and refreshing orange to focus the attention. Suitable for various corporate email newsletters.

A classy business HTML email template designed in blue and red. Includes a variety of useful sections like a map, gallery, etc.

A free HTML email template suitable for newsletters related to technology, web development, finances, and more.

A fresh, colorful HTML email newsletter template suitable for education-related newsletters and campaigns.

Free Responsive Html Email Templates To Grab In 2022

Free HTML email newsletter templates that can easily be adapted to different businesses. You will find clean elegant designs, as well as more artsy designs. All of these templates include sections handy for presenting your news, articles, and new products.

A sophisticated HTML email template in a minimalist design that is fully free to download. Adaptable to digital agencies in various industries.

A free HTML email template perfect for photographers and photography agencies. A trendy design that certainly catches the attention!

A free responsive HTML email template Omicron in orange and blue. Suitable for all kinds of email newsletters.

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Modern, edgy, responsive, and fully free to download email template. Great for announcing new products and events.

A free HTML email newsletter template that gives an authentic feeling of a real newspaper. Perfect for media.

A multifunctional HTML email template, responsive and fully free to download. The modern look of this template is combined with useful sections for presenting news, testimonials, upcoming events, etc.

A modern minimalist HTML email template, available for free download. The black-and-white design works with the artistic composition and minimalist icons for a trendy look.

An energetic HTML email template great fully free to download. Designed with diagonals for a more futuristic look.

A travel & holiday HTML email template freebie designed with colorful sections to present various destinations.

Template Blog Untuk Blogger Seo Responsive Dan Gratis 2020

A free HTML email template with exotic vibes. Designed specifically for travel & holiday email newsletters.

An eye-pleasing white HTML email template for free download that can easily be adapted to various email campaigns.

A free HTML email newsletter template made in relaxing earthy tones. Suitable for a wide variety of email campaigns.

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

A multi-purpose email newsletter template with a fresh design and pleasant layout, fully free to download.

A dark-themed HTML email newsletter template that is great for presenting your articles, news, and photos. Free to download.

An artistic HTML email newsletter template that grabs the attention with colorful elements on a black background.

An art and culture responsive email template for free download. Focused on presenting galleries of photos and pictures.

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A collection of high-quality HTML email templates for free download, perfect for the food and restaurant industry. You will find email templates suitable for pubs, cafeterias, fast food restaurants, high-class restaurants, and more.

An exquisite HTML email template perfect for restaurants, bakeries, pubs, and more food places. The design represents a menu on a dark background conveying the authentic vibes of a menu written on a blackboard.

A fresh and modern free HTML email template designed in pleasant colors and style. The template is suitable for presenting your menu suggestions, discount coupons, as well as your physical location on the map.

Best Gallery Style Blog Templates Themes

An HTML email template with a modern layout is great for putting an accent on your yummy suggestions.

A free HTML email template prepared for the food & beverage industry and suitable for other kinds of businesses, as well.

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

An HTML email template with a classic look with sections to list your restaurant menu and special offers.

An airy design of a free HTML email template that surprises the viewer with an edgy arrangement of photos and an attractive font. The design presents a new, modern layout great for various newsletters and email campaigns.

A clean, elegant HTML email template with a pleasant symmetrical arrangement of photos and text sections. This email template is free to download and suitable for email newsletters and campaigns of all industries.

An elegant airy design that can easily be adapted to various email marketing campaigns and email newsletters.

An elegant and fully free-to-download HTML email template suitable for classy restaurants and food places.

A must-have HTML email template for your high-class restaurant or hotel. Easily adaptable and free to download.

An exquisite HTML email newsletter template suitable for presenting restaurants and shops that want to convey sophistication and high class. Fully free to download and loaded with useful sections for presenting information and photos.

An appealing HTML email template for free download, great for presenting mouth-watering photos of high quality. The template also includes a section for placing your food menu and special offers. Perfect for pubs, restaurants, and food shops.

Best Free 3 Column Blog Templates Themes

A few basic HTML responsive email templates that can serve as a base for literally every email marketing campaign and newsletter. Designed with different layouts, these templates are all free to download. A great alternative would be to use an easy and fast online tool to create an HTML email yourself in order to come up with something really unique.

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

A basic responsive email template with a hero image and a text section. This template is perfect for sending a basic but nice-looking email to your readers.

A basic responsive email template with a hero image, text, and a sidebar section for a list of links, perfect for linking to additional content.

A basic responsive email template with various sections suitable for newsletter campaigns. It has two main sections with 2 columns and CTA buttons.

A basic HTML email newsletter template, free to download and perfectly suitable for every occasion.

A free responsive HTML email template with a basic design great for various email marketing campaigns.

Transactional emails are an inevitable part of every business and media with a digital presence. Here are a few collections of transactional HTML email templates for free download, arranged and presented by theme.

A collection of 9 transactional email templates for free download, designed in a spectacular golden color on a black background, conveying high class and style. The collection includes various transactional email types like confirmation, birthday, invitation, a thank-you message, progress, reactivation, survey, update, and a welcome message.

A bundle of 9 transactional email templates that can be downloaded for free. The collection includes a variety of useful transactional email types, as well as a few email marketing templates. Among the transactional emails, you will find a confirmation, a coupon, a receipt, progress, a survey, and a welcome message.

A set of 9 transactional email templates which you can download for free right now. The collection is designed in a non-obtrusive light grey with a pop of red color, which makes it suitable for almost every business. You will find a confirmation message, an invitation, an invoice, an update, progress, reactivation, a survey, an upsell, and a welcome email template.

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Template Blogger Viomagz 3 2 Terbaru Download Gratis

A collection of 9 transactional email templates created in an attractive flat design with top-view flat illustrations. Flat design is one of the trends that has been on the top of the charts for the last several years, so you will certainly make a good impression by using these templates. You will find the following types of transactional email templates: confirm, invite, invoice, ping, progress, reactivation, survey, and upsell.

A set of 9 transactional email templates designed with a cute simple robot illustration expressing different emotions for the different types of transactional emails: a confirmation message, an invitation, an invoice, an update, a progress bar, a reactivation message, a survey, an upsell, and a welcome message.

A set of 9 transactional email templates with a traditional look, perfect for the businesses that want to bet on the time-tested email design. You will find the following types of transactional emails here: a confirmation email, an invitation, an invoice, an update, a progress notification, a reactivation email, a survey, an upsell, and a welcome email.

Any brand can use these versatile templates by Campaign Monitor. These templates feature great image headers, minimalistic and simple grids, and social buttons. Campaign Monitor’s HTML email templates are designed with elegant colors perfect for the holidays. The images included are provided by Unsplash and reflect the merry season while being fully customizable to suit your preferences.

Campaign Monitor  has designed Holidays specifically for Thanksgiving and Christmas. These responsive emails templates are best for online food magazines, food blogs, retail businesses, hotels, restaurants, e-commerce sites, lifestyle brands, travel websites, and so much more! If you’d like to share your holiday traditions, promote special offers, or share tips for the festive season, these templates are the best choice for you.

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Source files included: HTML files (.html), Style Sheets (.css), images (.jpg/png/gif)

The General Announcements Newsletters are multipurpose responsive email templates. Campaign Monitor has designed these templates for announcements, news, event invitations, updates, and other similar emails.

These templates feature eye-catching title and image headers, simple and minimalistic grids, social buttons, and text boxes. CampaignMonitor’s HTML email templates are designed with engaging colors and images that different audiences can relate to. These templates are also fully customizable to fit your branding and preference.

Now that you’re loaded with amazing responsive HTML email templates, all that’s left is to fill them with your content and surprise your recipients. Of course, you can always opt for an online email builder tool. The choice is yours and either way, we wish you really good success with your campaign!

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

If you have anything to share with us, we’ll be more than happy to hear about it in the comments below.

Cara Download Dan Merubah Template Blog

In the meantime, you might be interested to continue your journey with some of the related articles:

Iveta is a passionate writer at who has been writing for the brand ever since the blog was launched. She keeps her focus on inspiring people and giving insight on topics like graphic design, illustrations, education, business, marketing, and more.

Freebies 16 Free Vector Infographic Design Templates: On Different Themes in Different Styles

A source of high-quality vector graphics offering a huge variety of premade character designs, graphic design bundles, Adobe Character Animator puppets, and more.

Sekarang ini sudah banyak sekali teman-teman blogger yang menjadikan blog sebagai salah satu saranauntuk berekspresi akan kepribadian mereka.

Hal ini lumrah dilakukan asalkan tidak melanggar hukum yang berlaku dan juga mematuhi aturan-aturan yang ada. Untuk membuat tampilan blog menjadi lebih baik, saat ini sudah banyak situs-situs yang menyediakan template blog yang keren-keren ditambah lagi gratis.

Bagi kita blogger pemula yang sangat suka dengan template blog keren tapi gratis, maka kita akan memberikan referensi situs-situs yang menyediakannya.

Situs-situs ini menyediakan template dengan tampilan yang super wah, premium, tetapi tidak terlalu SEO Friendly. Karena memang, yang menjadi fokusnya ada pada tampilannya.

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Jadi silahkan anda cari template idaman dan kesukaan anda semua pada situs-situs yang menyediakan template keren dan gratis. Berikut ini daftar situs download template blog keren yang gratis :

Btemplates.COM Salah satu penyedia template blogger gratis yang sudah sangat lama berdiri

Norma Blogger Template

Di dalam situs Btemplates ini akan menyediakan ribuan koleksi template blogspot yang sangat beragam jenisnya yang dapat kita download. Mulai dari yang biasa-biasa sampai yang wah (keren). Kita dapat mendownloadnya secara cuma-cuma alias gratis.

Kita juga akan sangat dipermudah karena begitu banyaknya filter template blog yang telah disediakan oleh situs ini. Kita juga dapat menggolongkan template menurut jumlah kolom, warna, gaya bahkan posisi sidebar.

Urang Kurai, Salah satu creator dan blogger lokal dengan hasil karya tingkat dunia.

Situs ini juga adalah situs yang dimiliki oleh blogger Indonesia, yang mana desain-desain dari templatenya boleh dikatakan sangan keren yang patut anda pertimbangan sebagai template blog anda. Maka boleh dikatakan Urung Kurai tak akan menyediakan template yang biasa-biasa saja.

Dalam setiap desain templatenya memiliki ciri khas serta keunikannya sendiri. Bagitu anda berkunjung ke blog Urung Kurai ini maka anda akan dapat menilai sendiri bagaimana kemampuan script blogger Indonesia yang satu ini.

Bagi anda yang mempunyai kesuakaan akan template yang terkesan mekanis, jangan ragu untuk mengunjungi situs yang satu ini.

Ini merupakan situs latin kepunyaan Karla. Di dalam situs ini akan ada beberapa template blog yang dapat kita download gratis sesuai dengan pilihan kita dan beberapa template blog didesain sendiri oleh Karla.

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Walaupun begitu jumlah template yang akan ditawarkan tak sebanyak yang ditawarkan oleh Btemplates. Hal ini dikarenakan situs ini bukan situs terminal yang sumbangan desain dari banyak orang.  Jadi coba saja kunjungi situs ini.

Yang ini adalah satu situs yang dimiliki oleh blogger Indonesia yang bernama Abdil Latif. Dalam blog ini akan menyediakan beberapa desain blog yang cukup beragam jenisnya.

Mulai dari desain yang sederhana, desain yang kerean dan juga sampai desain yang terlihat profesional. Akan tetapi koleksi yang dimiliki belum begitu banyak, walaupun demikian silahkan kunjungi situs tersebut barang kali saja desain template yang menarik hati anda.

Kumpulan Template Blog Keren Terbaik 2016

Maskolis.com ini salah satu blogger lokal yang juga aktif membuat template berkualitas dan sangat professional

Ini adalah salah satu blog terbaik di Indonesia. Desain-desain yang template yang dibuat oleh Maskolis ini bukan hanya diakui di Indonesia, akan tetapi sudah dikenal dikalangan luas bahkan sudah banyak dipakai oleh para blogger di seluruh dinia.

Dengan desain yang amat keren ditambah lagi gratis, tentunya blog ini akan laris manis dikunjungi oleh para blogger. Rasa-rasanya para blogger Indonesia sudah tak asing lagi dengan nama Maskolis.

Jadi silahkan anda browsing sendiri template blog yang anda inginkan dengan mengeklik link diatas tadi dan silahkan download desain-desain template blog yang anda inginkan.

Di situs ini belum memiliki banyak koleksi template, walaupun begitu bolehlah untuk teman-teman blogger untuk menjadi pertimbangan untuk mendownload template blog.

Oh iya selain template blognya yang keren ditambah pula gratis Dzignine juga telah menyediakan yang premium, tapi hal itu bukan ide yang cukup bagus untuk para blogger Indonesia terutama yang masih pemula. Kita kan sukanya yang gratisan. Benerkan?

Template Blog Download - Gsnews Blog Magazine Premium Blogger Template Free Download

Terakhir adalah gooyabi.com, situs ini banyak menyediakan template berkualitas untuk berbagai keperluan. Misalkan fotografi, magazine, simple blog, hingga yang fokus pada optimasi SEO.

Jadi itu tadi 7 (tujuh) situs yang dapat kita gunakan untuk mencari template blog keren yang gratis, sebagai sarana kita mengekspresikan siapa diri kita.

Tapi kita sebagai blogger juga perlu memperhatikan penggunaan script pada template yang kita pilih nanti. Bilamana script ternyata terlalu lama dimuat, maka akan lebih baik bila kita tidak menggunakan template tersebut. Dan mencari desain template yang lainnya saja. Dan semoga sukses dengan blognya ya!!!!

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